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January 1, 2013
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You slipped into the hallway, the hall pass in your hand making you grin. Not being in class was one of the coolest feelings in the world. You strolled down the long passage, in no rush to get to your destination, since getting there meant you would have to go back to class shortly afterwards.

Your destination was supposedly the ladies restroom, but you planned to make a stop at the vending machines on the way there. The snickers bar was practically calling to you…

“Ve~! _______!” You turned to see a bouncy Italian halfway through the process of glomping you, his feet leaving the ground and his arms outstretched for a hug.

“Feli-!” You squeaked as he finished the hug, almost knocking you over. He rubbed his face on yours like a cat, making soft “Ve… Ve..!” noises.

“_______! Where are you going?” He asked expectantly, looking up at you with his big amber eyes. You laughed, the days where him being so close to you would make you feel awkward long gone.

“I’m going to the bathroom, then the vending machine.” You told him, slowly peeling him off of you.

“Can I-a come?” He pleaded, his single strand of curly hair bouncing a little. He brushed his reddish-brown hair out of his eyes, as if he finally noticed the messy bangs that had fallen into his eyes.

“To which one?”


“I’m not sure how well that’s going to work for you, dude.” You let him follow you anyway, and he held your hand. A couple of girls in the hallway saw you, giggling and pointing.

You chose to ignore them, but your innocent friend waved at them, returning their giggles.

Reaching the restroom, you made him wait for you outside while you ran in and quickly did whatever you did in the bathroom.

When you came back out, Feliciano was holding a piece of paper against the wall, furiously
scribbling on it with a purple sharpie pen.

“Yo, Feli!” You peeked over his shoulder to see what he was doing.

At the sound of your voice, the Italian squeaked, dropping the pen and paper and quickly picking them back up and hiding them behind his back so you couldn’t see it. When you gave him a suspicious look, he stared at his feet, a slight blush creeping up onto his cheeks.

“What’s behind your back?” You asked him, trying to look around him. Feli turned again so you couldn’t see the slip, still not looking at you.

“It’s a… uh…” Feliciano trailed off, mumbling something intelligible in Italian. You huffed in annoyance, turning on your heel suddenly and walking towards the vending machines.

“Uwaah! _______, come back!” He squealed, grabbing onto the back of your shirt. You grinned, glad he had fallen for your trap. His now extended hands had the mysterious piece of paper held in them, and you whipped around and grabbed it.

Opening it up and holding it high above your head, you read the piece of paper out loud.
Feliciano tried vainly to grab it, but you kept it far enough away that his fingertips barely brushed it. A lot of the lines were crossed out, and there were a lot of doodles of pasta or Feli’s friends all over it.

“If you were a pirate, would you have your parrot on this shoulder, or this shoulder?” You read one of the non-crossed out lines. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? You are so perfect, a cyberman couldn’t upgrade you… What’s up with all the cheesy pick-up lines, Feli?” You handed him the piece of paper, which he hurriedly stuffed into his pocket.

“It… Uh… Just something I was-a doing in class… Because I was-a bored…” He trailed off again, still blushing.

You didn’t believe your best friend for a second, but you decided to let it go.

“Whatever… Let’s hurry, if I’m not in class soon the teacher will get ticked off!”

“Ve~!” Feli looked happy to change the topic, and the two of you walked to the vending machine together.


It was the last period of the day, and you sat next to a few of your friends, listening to the teacher drag on about the difference between mitosis and meiosis. You rolled your eyes, glancing to your left at Feli, who was drawing all over his notes. You watched him, bored with the teacher quickly.

He was the best artist you knew. He made doodles look professional! Feli caught you looking, and he grinned at you, giving you a small wave and kicking your foot underneath the desk playfully. You tapped his foot back, embarrassed he had caught you watching him.

You turned, looking to the right. Gilbert, the albino German that sometimes hung out with your group of friends, was fast asleep on his desk, as was the Spanish boy, Toni, next to him. Lovino, Feli’s older brother, was stealing Toni’s half-eaten lunch.

Feli kicked you again, and you saw a piece of paper flutter onto your desk from your peripheral vision. You picked it up, smiling.

Feli had drawn a picture of you, eyes half closed from boredom and a pencil lazily held in your fingers. You ripped a piece of paper off of Gil’s notebook (he was asleep, so he wouldn’t need it) and scribbled down a note.

“Did you do this just now?” You wrote, and you passed it to Feli. He glanced over it, then nodded at you, mouthing a “Do you like it?” and smiling sweetly. You nodded, grinning back. He clapped his hands together quietly, then wrote something on the back of the scrap you had passed him.

“You can always come hang out with me at my house, and I will show you more pictures I drew,” The note read. You blushed, realizing you had never been to your best guy friend’s house before, since your parents did not exactly approve of hanging out at boy’s houses.

But… Surely they could make an exception for Feli?

“I’ll ask!” You scribbled in the corner, passing it back after adding a smiley face. Feli beamed, and he folded the little piece of paper, putting it in his pocket. He gave you a small thumbs up, then resumed pretending to take notes before the teacher yelled at the two of us.

After the class ended, you followed Feli out of the school, and you sat down on the grass at the edge of the parking lot so you were out of the way. You called your mom, getting the okay to hang out at your Feliciano’s house, on the terms that NOTHING would happen and you would be home before dark.

You laughed a little at your mother’s insistence on these details, but it was the first time you would be going to a guy’s house, so it was understandable.

“So..?” Feli looked at you expectantly through huge eyes. “Can-a you come?”

“Yeah, my mom said it was ok as long as I was home before dark…” You looked up at the sky.
“That should give us at least 3 hours.”

“Hooray!” Feli threw his arms in the air, laughing. You laughed, standing up. He rushed to his feet, grabbing your hand and pulling you along the sidewalk towards the direction of his house.

You blushed a little, which was unusual for you. You were so used to the little Italian’s clinginess and tendency to hug you and grab your hand, but his weird behavior today must have set you off a little. You shook the thought from your head, laughing and running down the sidewalk with him.


You sat at Feli’s table, sipping at a soda he had dug out of the fridge for you. For a moment, Lovino popped his head in, but when he saw you he grimaced and left again. He was surprisingly anti-social, especially compared to his brother. You sat there, feeling awkward, finishing your drink.

“_______!” Feliciano came back into the room, a small pile of sketchbooks in his arms. He plopped them down onto the table, sitting down and scootching his chair so it was touching yours. “Sorry it took-a so long! Here they are!”

You grinned picking one up and flipping through it. Occasionally you took a sharp intake of breath when you came across an especially good one.

“Feli…” You gazed at him in amazement, then went back to looking at his artwork. “These…
These are amazing!”

“Oh, no, these are just-a some rough sketches, ve~!” You looked at him like he was crazy.

If these were his ‘rough sketches,’ you couldn’t imagine how wonderful his finished art was. You took your time going through each and every book, commenting on the especially good ones (which were nearly all of them).

“Jeez, dude… I knew you were s good artist, but this is awesome!” He beamed at your praise, blushing a little.

“I have one more I want-a to show you!” He grabbed your hand, pulling you away from the table and the books. He dragged you upstairs to what he told you was his room, bouncing onto the bed to reach something hidden behind the bedframe.

His room smelled like pasta and paint, and the walls were covered on artwork that you realized dated back to the Renaissance, including a few pieces Feli had drawn himself.

You stood in front of a painting of a rabbit, the date scribbled in the corner telling you it was from when he was younger. A thumping sound broke your concentration and you turned to see Feli had pulled out a small painting from behind the bed. Feli hid it behind his back, jumping off the bed and approaching you shyly.

You waited expectantly, and Feli looked down at his feet, blushing harder. You giggled. He was so adorable sometimes. He slowly revealed the painting, placing it gently in your hands without looking at you.

It was a drawing of you in a flowy (f/c) dress from behind, your face turned and your mouth open mid-laugh. You were standing under an oak tree, warmly colored leaves falling in spiraling patterns downward and collecting at your feet.

You understood why Feli had been so modest towards his pencil sketches he had shown you before. This piece of art in your hands was so realistic and beautiful, you could almost see everything moving, you could hear your laugh just in your smile and the way your eyes were lit.

“D-Do you like it..?” Feliciano asked when you didn’t say anything. You looked into his amber eyes, your lips forming words but no sound coming out. He had struck you speechless, a feeling you had never experienced before. You felt a few tears of happiness form in your eyes, but Feli mistook them for something else.

“I-I’m so sorry, _______! P-Please don’t-a cry!!” You could see he was close to tears too, and a weak laugh escaped your lips.

“No, Feli, I’m crying because I love it!” You told him, pulling him into a hug. He accepted your hug with earnest, letting out a sigh of relief. “Thank you so much…”

“It’s-a for you,” He whispered, wrapping his arms around you even tighter than before.

“Oh, Feli, you didn’t have to-“

“But I wanted too!” He told you pulling away and looking you in the eyes. “You’re so beautiful, I had-a to draw you!” It was your turn to blush, and you looked back down at the painting.

“No one has ever thought I was beautiful before…” You whispered.

“Really? You’re kidding!”

“Nope, you’re the first.” You told him, and he frowned a little. “I’m flattered, really, but I’m not exactly the prettiest…” He cut you off, putting his hand on your head. You paused, very confused.

“Don’t-a you ever say that, _______! You are the prettiest in the whole world!” He told you, patting your head like you did when someone bullied him and you tried to make him feel better. You opened your mouth to say something, but he leaned forward and kissed you before you could.

That made you turn as red as a tomato, and Feli blushed even harder, if that was possible.

“I… uh…” The Italian rubbed his neck uncomfortably. “The sun is-a going to set soon, you should-a go home… I don’t-a want your mom to yell at you…”

“Yeah,” Was all you could say, and he nodded. You started to leave the room, but you paused and looked back at Feli. He was smiling again, giving you a small wave that made his curl bounce a little. You quickly walked back to him, giving him another kiss, then ran out of the house before he could say anything, the painting clutched tightly in your hands.

<^><^> Italy’s POV <^><^>

_______... Just kissed me…

I squealed a little in delight as her footsteps faded away, my blush fading a little.

Lovino heard me celebrating, and popped his head into my room.

“What is-a wrong with you?” He asked, his eyes narrowing a little. “Are you sick? Did that-a girl give you something contagious?”

“Her name is _______, and no, I’m-a not sick!” I told him, refusing to let his sour attitude bring me down. “I’m happy!”

“Well, it’s-a weirding me out. Stop it.” With that, he left again, probably back to his room where he spent most of his time.

I giggled, jumping back onto my bed and sprawling out. I was just glad I didn’t have to use any of Arthur and Alfred’s dumb pickup lines they had given me.
XD Italy is cute. This is something I dug out from my fanfic folders that I didn't post cuz I was nervous about it. But rereading it, I thought it was worthy of DA.
My pictures are taking longer than expected due to family visits and, well to be honest, laziness..

I don't own :iconcuteitalyplz: or :iconhetalia: XD But I do own the story, so no stealing!!
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